MicroBurn 2017

15-18th September in Powys, Wales

Microburn 2017

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Join us for three magical days and nights of gathering, creation, workshops, dancing, laughter, guaranteed sunshine* and fun.

WHERE is MicroBurn?

The exact venue details will be released to ticket holders closer to the event, but the nearest train station is Caersws. Lifts are usually arranged to and from the station.

WHEN is MicroBurn?

MicroBurn 2017 starts at 2pm on Friday the 15th of September. Only those who have volunteered for Build should turn up before the Friday morning. All the fun and magic happen on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then on Monday we pack up and make our way home. Everyone is encouraged to help with build and/or strike.

WHAT is at MicroBurn?

There is a number of structures (yurts, a marquee, a large bell tent and a stone chapel building) all of which are available for workshops, performances and socialising. There is a Welfare yurt plus a Bar structure. There are also showers and compost toilets. Participants at MicroBurn bring their own tents or live-in vehicles to sleep in.


Food is included in the Microburn ticket price. This usually comprises breakfast and dinner (with veggie and vegan options) and snacks available throughout the day. Everyone is expected to do one kitchen shift to help make this happen. Water is available onsite.

That means we’re here to practice the principles of Burning Man (“Say what?” you say? Here: http://microburn.org/core-principles) so most importantly for us that means:

1) YOU are the event. What you bring is what you get. Bring your art. Bring your style. Bring your love and share it around. Participation is the name of the game and YOU ARE IT. We are a fully functioning event and there are many tasks to be completed so that the wheels don’t fall off. Wanna do something? Get involved!

2) LEAVE NO TRACE. Everything you bring, you take it back with you. If you see trash or something that’s out of place lying around, pick it up and put it where it belongs. Let’s leave the farm as shiny and delightful as we find it. We LOVE the Farm and if something is going to damage the environment there, please don’t bring it.

3) EVERYONE pays for a ticket. Including the organisers. This is because we are not a commercial event. Everyone is a volunteer – no one profits from The MicroBurn. Every single penny that’s paid by you goes into the event and the year-round process to keep it going.

We can’t wait!!

*sunshine may only be visible from inside your mind.

Low Income Tickets - Allocated

Please note: Low Income Tickets have all been allocated at this time. You can still apply (here) BUT there is quite a large waiting list still.
There is an option on the ticketing site for people to donate specifically to support Low Income, so if more people put in money there, we can afford to have more Low Income tickets.

Stay Updated

Make sure you’re attending on the Facebook Event so you catch the latest updates.

You should also join the Facebook community to stay in touch with the MicroBurn Community in general, and also join the Slack (click here to submit your details) because that is where discussion between teams will happen.

Questions? Ask in the Facebook group or email team@microburn.org.

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Art Grants 2017

If you feel the creative urge thrust upon you, do not fight it. Unleash that beast.

Use the button below to submit your idea for an art project – big, small, weird, and wonderful – and we’ll hand you what we can.

We did a fundraiser this year so we have quite a budget for it, so give it a go! We want to see your art!

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Accessibility & Inclusion

If you have any accessibility / inclusion needs, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can either get onto Slack and discuss it with us there, or email us using the button below. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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